Concrete Breaking safety tips

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Concrete breaking is a definitive process that requires safety precautions to ensure that the environment impact is as minimal as possible. Demolition operations would still need to implement procedures to ensure that the structure is still intact.

Here are a few concrete breaking tips to ensure safety and efficiency on site:

Wear safety equipment

The particles and dust residue from breaking the rocks can interfere with eyesight and can cause significant damage. Operators should wear the appropriate safety equipment such as overalls, sturdy shoes with steel toe caps, gloves, eye protection glasses as well as masks and respirators.

Understand the weight and distribution ratio

When undertaking the concrete breaking process, operators should measure and finalize the weight and distribution ratio of the concrete to ensure that the efficient tool and equipment is used to deconstruct the concrete structure.

Clear the site form obstructions

The site should be prepared adequately before the concrete demolition takes place. Potential hazards can hamper the production of the concrete demolition and can cause injury.

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