The basic idea is still the same which gives you the opportunity to work with equipment that is built for its purpose: safe, efficient, powerful and profitable. We are pleased to see that the Brokk machines are used in many interesting projects around the world.

We undertake a range of demolition projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, with particular interest in difficult and unusual work. Our expert personnel work closely with site foreman, production supervisors and safety officers to ensure our projects are completed on time, every time.

Our experience is used to select the precise equipment, materials and methods required for effective execution of each individual project. We proudly own a fleet of specialized plant and equipment to meet your needs, including excavators, skid steers, hydraulic hammers and attachments. We have extensive experience with super-sized equipment for large commercial applications.

Hydraulic splitting means controlled demolition. As the direction of breaks can be determined, concrete can be cut in sections as large as your equipment can handle. Hydraulic splitting eliminates both shocks and vibrations associated with large impact tools. Engineered for heavy duty work, hydraulic splitters will out perform even large mounted impact machines. It can break large pieces of concrete or rock many times faster than with paving breakers. Years of research and the use of hydraulic splitting on hundreds of job sites has proved this new method to be one of the most practical tools for demolition of concrete and rock.

Brokk concept is the future of demolition!

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