Rock Splitters

Hydraulic Rock Splitter is a whole set of device to split rock, stone, concrete etc. … Hydraulic Rock Splitter is widely used in construction, mining, demolition of buildings, bridges, etc.
About the Rock Splitter C20
The C20 Rock Splitters break large boulders and solid rock in a short period of time, e.g. in mining and shaft construction as well as in tunneling for cross passages.
  • Best solution through different mounting options
  • Easy insertion
  • Rotable and versatile
  • Lighter than competing products
  • For carriers from 5 - 7 tons
  • Adjustable splitting direction
  • Automatic lubrication of the sliding surfaces
The working method is quiet, safe and generates practically no vibrations or dust, unlike demolition hammers or explosives. It offers demolition contractors a productive alternative in areas where potentially disruptive demolition methods are not permitted, such as near hospitals. The C20 is also the safe alternative compared to hand-held tools such as pneumatic demolition hammers, whose heavy vibrations cause fatigue and physical injury over time.
Rock Splitter Tools

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