What are rock splitters used for?

Rock splitters

Rock Breaking Demolitions are specialists in blasting, trenches, drilling, boulders and trimming. We endeavour to ensure the highest quality demolition equipment that strives to be sustainable in a multitude of industries and operational processes.

There are various categories of rock splitters and the way that the rocks are split. This can include drilled rock, cracked rock and split rock. We pave the way to ensure sites and organisations are efficiently equipped with resources and extensive machinery components according to the budget constraints and site requirements.

Rock splitters are also known as a hydraulic splitter which is a category of a portable hydraulic tool used for a significant amount of demolition processes that involve breaking large stacks of blocks and concrete rocks.

The output and productivity of the rock splitter increases the operational requirements of the construction, agricultural and industrial sites. Rock splitters are alternatives to utilising excavator hammers and explosives.

The demolition equipment requirements available from Rock Breaking Demolitions includes steel to tank cutting, dimension stones, restricted breaking, shaft sinking, Bulk Blasting, Quarry Blasting, Non-Explosive Rock Breaking, Restricted/Sensitive Blasting, Rig Drilling, Pile Trimming, Electrical Trenches, Pyrotechnic Blasting, Resizing Oversized Boulders as well as Rock Breaking for Pipe Jacking.

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