What is a rock splitter?

Rock Breaking Demolitions is an industry leader in Rock Breaking Demolitions through advanced techniques and services such as Blasting, Trenches, Drilling, Boulders as well as Trimming.

Rock Splitters are utilised to disintegrate large blocks of concrete and solid boulders. The Hydraulic Rock Splitter which is predominantly used in industries and contexts such as construction, mining, demolition of buildings and bridges.

Rock Breaking Demolitions uses a dynamic rock splitter to minimise labour intensive activities on site. The rock splitters can be used in mining and shaft construction industries as well as tunnelling for cross passages.

The advantages of the rock splitters are the ease of rotation and versatility in operation. The rock splitter has the capacity for an adjustable splitting direction which also has an automatic lubrication of the sliding surface. There are different categories of splitting the rocks according to the class of rocks such as natural sedimentary rocks or concrete blocks.

An additional methodology of the rock splitter is the efficiency of the rock splitter and lack of noise vibrations and reduction of pollution. Demolitions are often disruptive in nature and can negatively impact the environment. The C20 rock splitter is a safe alternative in comparison to hand-held rock splitting tools.

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