Why demolition is required

Rock Breaking Demolitions offers a comprehensive range of services that can be utilised in construction industries and other mining operations as well as the demolition of buildings, structures and bridges in a safe and effective way.

The different categories available from Rock Breaking Demolitions include Concrete Breaking, Explosive Blasting, Rock Breaking, and Demolition services, Pile Capping, Rock Splitters and Concrete Splitters.

The demolition division within Rock Breaking Demolitions ensures safety and efficiency in many demolition projects and contexts such as residential, commercial and industrial contexts. The demolition process is accompanied by expert site foremen, production supervisors as well as safety officers.

Demolition projects are usually undertaken to remove a structure with the intention to erect another foundation or structure.  Additional reasons demolition projects are required is due to the prevention of potential hazards.

Building owners also choose demolition as an alternative to selling the building as is. Nearby flame hazards and explosives can also be a reason demolition is necessary. The foundation of a structure could also be infected with asbestos and as such, the building must demolished.

Expansion projects also require demolition processes in order to ensure that extra space is required to remove surrounding walls, overhang areas as well as divider areas.

Damaged structures with underground plumbing lines, electric utility lines and foundation issues could be detrimental to the actual building structure’s functionality.

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