Rock Breaking Demolitions
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About Us

At Rock Breaking Demolitions, we strive to deliver high quality demolition equipment that is sustainable in the industry. Our equipment caters for work that take place in areas where sensitivity to the surrounding environment is paramount. We pride ourselves in having a wealth of experience and extensive skills and resources that allows us to handle complex and technically challenging demolition projects. We provide equipment that is tailor-made to suit your requirements, budget and time-scale. A large portion of our work is repeat business as clients have recognized our efficiency and ability to provide proper equipment that gets the job done, big or small.

Our years of industry experience affords us a great understanding in different demolition contexts and we can advise clients proficiently to the most appropriate equipment to use in their unique situation.​

We supply all your demolition equipment needs, from steel to tank cutting. Dimension stone, restricted breaking, shaft sinking.

  • In-Situ Rock
  • Bulk Blasting
  • Quarry Blasting
  • Expandable Grout
  • Non-Explosive Rock Breaking
  • Restricted/Sensitive Blasting
  • Rig Drilling
  • Pile Trimming
  • Electrical Trenches
  • Pyrotechnic Blasting
  • Resizing Oversized Boulders
  • Rock Breaking for Pipe Jacking
Drilled Crack and Split Rock


Plant Hire

We have the following plant available for hire:
  • 10m3 Tipper
  • Darda Hydraulic Splitter
  • TLB c/w Bucket & Hammer
  • Pneumatic Tracked Drill Rig
  • 20 Ton Excavator c/w Bucket
  • 24 Ton Excavator c/w Bucket & Hammer

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